Current work

I currently work at AristaPoint and one of my major work involves refactoring and maintaining the CEOtoCEO website. You can view the website here

Background and Role

The CEOtoCEO website had been initially created by a different developer. I came on as a web developer with goals of refactoring the website’s aesthetics, layout, and performance. While we are careful not to introduce major updates all at once, the website is slowly undergoing changes. In addition to the website, I am also creating other assets and materials for email campaigns, ads, and social media.


  • I have learned many things in the course of refactoring this website. Mainly, the importance of having a good foundation of basics and the power of routine.
  • Speed and page performance using image compression and new HTML5 and picture advancements (webp, picture, and the source tag)
  • Spring cleaning files and assets to reduce requests
  • Using CDN to minimize loading files
  • Using the Network dev tool to simulate page loading, asset requests, etc.
  • Proposing new changes and design
  • Organizing information and content
  • Responsiveness, accessibility, and browser compatibility
  • Limitations of manually updating the website. Templating engines would be a good way to develop the website more efficiently.

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