Esterline Korry IT Intern


Esterline-Korry’s intranet was previously created using Microsoft Frontpage, a deprecated application used to manage and build websites in the 90s. The web pages and departmental pages were maanged separately, either by managers, IT staff, or the convenient employee who happened to know basic web development.

Microsoft Frontpage was not entirely convenient nor efficient. Web development has evolved in modern times. The goal was to redevelop the entire website with the aim of making it neat, simple, and easy to use by the regular employee.

Internship Details

My work involved working full-time on learning DotNetNuke and deploying their intranet by the end of my term. I created wireframes to pitch my proposal on the design and architecture of the website. I gathered feedback from managers and end users during the course of the development. I deployed the intranet so it can be used and managed more efficiently and easily by the IT department and the appropriate departmental staff.

Using DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is a web-based content management system based on Microsoft .NET. It is like Wordpress for professional settings. Because of the nature of the company and the need for a secure intranet,DNN (DotNetNuke) was chosen so that it can work without being hosted on a remote server.

There was a steep learning curve to DNN, especially as I had very little experience with the .NET framework. Like most CMS, it has themes but an intranet needs a more specific flavor to fit its culture and needs and that is where my work began.


Unfortunately, due to the private nature of an intranet, I cannot publish my works. My learnings were numerous, however.

  • Soft skills and learning to ask for feedback
  • Managing feedback and knowing which to prioritize
  • Time management when it comes to coding your own module vs buying a pre-made module
  • Combining modules of third-party developers is … difficult
  • Consider the size and support of the community managing and participating in the development of a service
  • Documentation is a MUST. For developers of the service and internal maintenance
  • Projects must be backed by an active sponsor and maintained regularly
  • Intranets are important for making data available to everybody completely and timely

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