Green Studio

You can view the repository in github.

You can also view the demo here.


This is a personal project meant for me to learn and understand how React works. I created an ecommerce website that sells indoor houseplants.


  • This project taught me how to think in React and use ES6
  • Creating an ecommerce website and thinking in React is much more difficult than I thought. There are many types of implementations and ways to provide a single action.
  • I experienced the advantages and disadvantages of CSS-in-JS and styled-components. They each have their strengths. However I believe it is impossible to find consistency in CSS-in-JS
  • Creating an app in React isn’t as straightforward as coding in HTML. There is a certain way to more effectively and efficiently start and develop an app.

What I can improve

  • popups in the same page while feeding information and state across the app
  • better state management
  • learn effective React thinking
  • consistent CSS
  • a roadmap of beginning to end development
  • back-end development and information storage

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