Is it raining in Seattle?

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This is an individual project meant to practice developing with the React framework. This project focuses on communicating with APIs using React.

Using Axios with OpenWeatherMap and Unsplash

Axios is incredibly useful for asynchronous HTTP requests. It’s very convenient and dependable especially when trying to communicate with two APIs at the same time.

The app communicated with OpenWeatherMap by trying to ask if the weather in Seattle matches the rain, drizzle, or thunderstorm response. The appropriate response updates the state and displays it on the screen.

Unsplash provides free, public use of their images using their API. The API query asks specifically for photos that match the ‘Seattle’ word. It then gives back a list of photos including user details, which is essential for crediting Unsplash and the owner.

Learning Experience

Learning asynchronous events and promises seem easy when learning through concepts, however it takes some time getting used to writing the correct code. But axios has definitely made it fun and easy. I also learned how to hide API keys using process environment variables.

It’s also important to read each API’s documentation and terms of use carefully. Unsplash, for example, has very specific rules for crediting back.

Navigating API documentation and async processes were my biggest learning experiences with this project.

Feedback and Mistakes

During an interview session, I received feedback on the state of the website. Here are the important things I learned and fixed:

  • The order of methods were not properly called, which rendered the website useless.
  • Using ES6 to shorten the length of code and make it more readable
  • There are certain fonts that do not properly render on a Mac vs Windows, the font has since been fixed using a web safe font family.
  • I updated the photos that will display when it is actually raining
  • I added an error handler for any API request error

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